Posted by: endlessfreeleadsforever | October 22, 2010

Welcome to the world of Endless Free Leads Forever!

For anyone marketing online or off the major challenge is and always has been the ability of the business owner or marketer to get fresh, interested people to look at their opportunity or attract foot traffic to their business. Historically, advertising has been the “shotgun approach,” or “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks.” This can be a very expensive and frustrating marketing concept. I won’t call it a “plan,” because that kind of marketing is no plan at all.

In our time of instant news, marketers are trying everything they can to jump on the Internet bandwagon of advertising, yet many are still wasting time and money with Pay Per Click Ads, email autoresponders and more. They know there’s a goldmine on Facebook and other Social Network sites but for some reason they simply can’t find the right mix that results in customers or Affiliates for their opportunities.

For years Max Steingart has been training thousands of people online. Since the old days when AOL first exploded online and amassed millions of excited users, Max was one  of the first to get the big picture of the possibilities the Internet cold bring to marketers.

The Internet as a social and marketing tool was born with AOL. Very quickly Max began revealing his secrets of monetizing time spent online to people he’d meet and he became an instant success with everyone he took under his wing.

Yes, Max has been around for a long time. His students and others “in the know” call him The Father of Social Networking. For years Max Steingart has been “flying under the radar,” training his students with webinars, one-on-one Coaching, Bootcamps and “Ask Max,” sessions.

Suddenly more people are beginning to hear about this mysterious “Lucky Man at the Beach” and seeking him out. His schedule is so jam-packed with new people demanding his Training he barely has time to sleep!

So go to Max’s FB page; Max Steingart’s Endless Free Leads Forever, click the “LIKE” button and become a fan. Go to his website,  sign up for one of his courses and within HOURS of taking one of your first training sessions you could be online making money!

Welcome to Max’s world!

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